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Visit the QUEEN V BLOG if you are looking for in-depth reviews on the latest movies or television shows today. This section can help you decide what and what not to watch. You’ll also discover what’s hip in fashion and whom you should listen to right now!

Kevin Hart's guide to Black History

When I was younger, I didn't have much of a choose when it came to watching shows or movies on Black History. I recall leaving the room angry and confused. Although a lot of it was educational, it left me sad and angry. The movie always end with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and or Malcolm X dying. I enjoyed learning about the two and also slaves but it was kind of traumatizing as a child. Don't get me wrong, it was a must knowing our roots but depending on the age of the child, it can be a bit much.  Kevin hart's guide to Black History is a great show to watch with your young children. It was uplifting along with educational. This Netflix special is a "Yay" for me. 

LifeTime's Surviving R Kelly

Catch my article under exclusives but this documentary is a must see. "Yay" for me!

Amerie-New Music

Talk about a Flash back on a Friday! Amerie dropped two EP called 4AM Mulholland and After 4AM 10.19.18(Friday). I must say, when I reported Amerie was dropping two new projects, I was overly excited! She was one of my favorite artists from back in the day.

The last album she dropped was in 2009 and that was In Love & War, hmmm thinking about, kind of sound like Tamar’s Love and War. Wonder if Tamar was inspired by the name. Hits like 1 Thing and Why Don’t We Fall in Love from 2005. She was winning and then she went MIA. Amerie now has an extra mouth to feed; she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this year.

Jumping into this review, I expected more. The first song I listened to was “A Heart’s for the breaking” That song was catchy. The other songs, however, I felt like they were a bedtime story. They’re not horrible, just not what I expected from Amerie. Her songs back in the day, made you feel like summer time was all year long. This is something I will have to listen to again. So right now, it’s a “NAY” for me.

FURY returns with her forthcoming EP Black Magic

The album focuses on the journey of being a black woman in America: the constant battle to remain true to yourself in a society that often forces stereotypes and preconceived notions on others before even getting to know them. This especially rings true for women in hip hop, and specifically women of color in hip hop. It is about digging deep and finding the magic within that makes you unique and powerful. 

This album is a "Yay" for me!

Nicki Minaj-Queen

"Don't call it a come back"in my LL Cool J voice! Nicki Minaj the Barbz Queen is back by popular demand. She dropped her album Queen August 10, 2018.  So far Nicki's album is holding the number one spot across the US, however song  "Barbie Dreams" is coming in at number 8 and that's the only song holding weight right now.

Let me first say, I do not in no shape or form dislike Nicki, she's just not my style of HipHop. Although some of her tracks, are catchy. My favorite songs on the album are: Barbie Dreams, Come see about me and CoCo Chanel (because I love Foxy Brown). Barbie Dream was inspired by Biggie and let's not forget Lil Kim "Dreams".  Lil Kim:

"Gimme all the rhythm and blues niggas

Then rock the shots of liquor

They make me cum quicker

Rub between your belly like jelly R.Kelly

You think you ballin but your body's callin

Free fallin all in fuck the bumpin and grindin

Have you jumpin and whinin

While I'm climbin I be doin groups like

Troup body rockin H-Town or Horace Brown

Watch out now

Baby face can pay da rent"

To me this is another smack in Lil Kim's face! I know the Barbz may hate this but Nicki Minaj is the new generation Kim and I believe she can step off her high horse just a little and give Kim some type of props. Old school artist paved the way for a lot of hip hop artist today.

Nicki mentioned in one of her songs, that she put her blood sweat in tears into these rhymes. I personally still don't believe she's writing her own rhymes. Just my thoughts! The overall album to me is a "Yay and Nay", I can't make my mind up.  I will say it's better than her other albums.

R Kelly's-I Admit

R Kelly is going through a lot, this year started off rough for him.  House being robbed, allegations made owards him about having a sex slave and ex Wife Drea admitting he abused her. Let's not forget his whole team pretty much left Kelly.

Well, that's not stopping him from dropping music.  R Kelly made a 19 minute song call I Admit.  He started the song of stating "I admit I made mistakes, i admit I helped so many people and them same damn people turned fake" wait what, he continuing saying "I admit I dropped out of school, I admit I just feel like retiring, I admit I just don't feel like retiring". I am confused, you have #Metoo on your heels and this is how you started your song. I think a lot of fans, including myself was looking for more. Like acknowledge the topics at hand.  I stopped at "I admit I can't read for sh%t" Why R kelly, why! I'm over the song and couldn't make it half way through. This track is a "Nay" for me! The track is also for ex wife Drea Kelly, she took to social media and pretty much told him to admit to abusing her and neglecting their children. Ouch, so besides his allegations, he's also an "Dead beat Dad", per Drea Kelly.


Let’s jump into this Nasir Album!

So as promised. Nas delivered a 7-track album that Kanye West produced. I’m going to say “Yay” to the album because I am kind of 50/50. I love everything about what Nas is rapping about: Facts/History and more. The thing that’s troubling me a little is Kanye West beats, it seems to give Nas a “Jim Jones flow”, which is a flow I think Jimmy can only master. What I mean by Jim Jones, is rapping a little off key. In some of the tracks, it sounds like Nas is trying to keep up with the beat. His overall words are deep! Nas has always been a deep person when it came to lyrics and I respect that not changing.

My favorite tracks are:

Not for Radio FT Puff Daddy $ 070 Shake- I felt the words on this track! Deep

Everything Ft The Dream- I think I am overall happy to hear The Dream on something again!

Cardi B'- Be Carful

OmG! So Cardi b is giving me Beyoncé and Jay Z for this video… but it’s a complete “Yay” for me! No I am not saying she stole Beyoncé style, just stating the setting looks the same! Cardi’s hair was on point for both the wedding scene “Dirty/Platinum Blonde” and the funeral scene “Red Cherry Pepper”. This video played on my screed three times because I love it that much. The Pastor however can play in a scary flick because he scared the hell out me but nailed his role! Everyone in the vide looked like they belonged. Hmmm I will say boarder line demonic but it’s Cardi, so she gets a pass!


J A N E T Jackson! Yassss she's a "Yay, Yay" all day for me! I've read so many different reviews on her performance and I think she did a great job. She's not a young turkey, so reading comments, like "She could have went harder". I think she did! I loved her outfit and her dancers were of different shapes and sizes. She pushed through and showed out!

Tee Grizzley-Activated Album

If you follow me, you know I have a big love for Hip Hop! Especially when it's great music! This morning, I decided to get into this Tee Grizzley-Activated album and I can't stop listening to it! This album is a complete "Yay" for me. If you are looking for good music, tap into this album right here, I guarantee you'll be hooked! Shout out to Tee Grizzley for releasing "Good Music" because today's Hip Hop is questionable...  

Basketball Wives LA

Yes, thank God for Basketball wives of LA! This show gives me life and I enjoy watching the many personalities, this show brings out! The lineup for BBWLA 7, surprised me because I didn’t think, they were bringing crazy Jackie back! Honestly I am happy she’s here because besides Tami Roman, the excitement wouldn’t be here, for this show. I’m am by far knocking the others but it is what it is! Jennifer Williams brings fashion to me, sometimes I can’t take her serious when she goes on the GOSSIP tip because she’s like a “Barbie”. Jenn is one of my favorites on the show however! Evelyn needs to stop, yes I know Jackie is a little thrown but at the end of the day, you have hurt many people with your words, since Basketball Wives starting! It’s time to forgive and keep it moving. I wasn’t surprised Tami addressed her relationship with French as a publicity stunt, because I never believed that was real. Malaysia made the cut and her family I see! I am not here for her cousin’s wives; they are doing too much for TV! Is it me or does Shaunie have a certain type of female, she looks for on this show! I need a variety of different women to appear, at this point! The world is bigger than just this look. IJS! Speaking of Shaunie, she at times seem a tad bit shade-a-lisous!!! I don’t know if I would ever laugh with someone who’s teasing the person I call my “Friend”! Overall the show is a “Yay” for me and I look forward to see how this season will unfold!

The Last O.G

So far I am in between with Tracy Morgan's "The Last O.G.". I am not going to completely say I dislike the how because it is growing on me 100% but it's missing something.  It's one of those things, where you can't figure out the missing link. I am happy to see Tracy back on the big screen but I can't take him serious, by being a retired "G".  Some of the shows are somewhat funny! Tracy did a great job with cast member Dante Hoagland as Shazad, they honestly look alike. Tiffany is my Boo and I love anything she's in! Her husband Josh is funny by default and through me off, when he went to the hair saloon gossiping with the sistah's. Overall the cast is coming along and it's growing on me. So I'll say "Yay" for now!

Lift Yourself By Kanye West

It's a "NAY" for me but here's what I think...

Chun-Li and Barbie TIngz

So, after a few days of Cardi B’s album dropping, Nicki started doing a count down. She tweeted 4-3 and then released her track covers for new songs” Chun Li and Barbie Tinz”. My first reaction was, Typical Nicki. She reminds me of a spoiled brat, who of course can’t handle attention being on someone else. I don’t dislike Nicki but I feel like she’s overrated and a lot of people forget to point out the facts. Every one crowns Nicki as the Queen but who was her new competition when she came out? No one, Remy was in jail and Iggy…. well that’s another topic but it’s okay to allow someone else to get the shine…right? Wrong, this is a messy industry, I am learning and it’s like fight fight fight and push push push. Nicki two tracks were not hard enough for me, I figured she’s been going for so long. Why wouldn’t show come with a blast. She kept her fans waiting for…. this. It sounds like a typical Nicki track and she still has others on her mind. The positive things I like are the beats! That’s all I have…………..


Remy ma is currently killing it with this new track Pretty Brown Ft. Chris Brown. Her video dropped yesterday and I couldn’t stop watching this video. I think I watched it about 20 times. This video made me love my pretty brown skin even more. I’ve always held my head high but this track, but today my head was out the roof! Tiffany Pollard should have heard this track before deciding to bleach her skin. African Americans is a beautiful race, because we come in different shades. Brown skin divas are sometimes pushed to the back and this song brings nothing but joy, like yasssss Remy “Push Through Boo” for us brown girls. This video is a “Yay” for me and Remy you look amazinggggggg


So, BET Social awards came on last night 2.11.18! Although this is something new and I Applaud BET for bringing some light to the local celebrities. However, they were missing Queen V, but my time will come. Some of the performances included artist who trend from “Social Media”! One of the main talent from last night was Kash Doll. If you don’t know Kash Doll, where have you been? Kash Doll is known for being the nastiest (sexual) 25-year-old female rapper from Detroit. Before rapping, Kash Doll was a stripper before becoming a model. She broke into the industry with her track “Free Style”. She went viral from her “Run Me My Money” cover that gave her 750K views. Her and Cardi B life styles seem to be the same, like their hustle. She debuted on Double or Nothing, featuring a song with Big Sean “So Good”. That song sold me on Kash Doll. Now getting into this performance, it was a “Nay” for me. She did say she was nervous and this was her first time, performing Live and on BET. Knowing the world other than the Kash Bratz, were watching; she should have been prepared to put on a major show. She wasn’t as aggressive as she usually is and or nasty enough. She was “Dry”, but understand this was her first time. The outfit of choice was a No GO for me. She looked like she had a diaper on and it wasn’t appealing to the eye. Kash Doll always looks fly but not sure why this was the outfit of choice. I think if she switched to “So Good” she would have up the bar a little. IJSI like Kash Doll though, Just wanted more

Love and Hip Hop New York

LHHNY was my least favorite last year but I can say since Love and Hip Hop Miami, they’re no longer at the bottom for me. What I can say about LHHNY, they do focus a little more on Hip Hop vs other shows! After Lil’mo being fired and no longer on R and B Diva’s; I’m happy she’s on this show. She is not only working on music but allowing us in on her personal life. Her husband Karl Dargan is on the show, he’s a local Boxer and their relationship is going through some trust issue’s. I like that they’re showing that on the show because relationships do have problems. This may help someone work through the issue’s they’re having with their relationship, if it’s worth fighting for. Do we think he’s cheating, ah yea lol no, just joking! You can’t judge a book by its cover. Yandy is still a classy boss and she knows it, so you must be at a certain standard to hang with her, but when did this start? I understand everyone has an image to uphold but sometimes it comes off as a little stuck up. Just a little, but Yandy is my girl, I love her hustle 100%. JuJu is just there; I want to be here for JuJu but I think this isn’t her look! She is trying to promote her brand and in some cases this work for artist but in other’s maybe not a good look! Let’s call her the peace maker, that’s her new name. She is beautiful for sure and the way Cam handle her, not cool. However, I don’t think they broke up! I believe that Mona notice the beauty in JuJu but she’s a “DRY”, so they figured a break up will drive more attention to her. IJS Anais whose best friends with Johnathan and Yandy, is coming off kind of ho-ish! She is married to a cougar, and he look like he does not play around! Maybe he is the reason why she’s so loose around men. She went from Rich Dollaz to showing her stuff to Jaquae! Mariah Lynn it’s time to let Bianca go or should ya’ll let each other go? You two need to stop all this fighting stuff! It’s way too much and I am sure I’m not the only one over it! I want to give Kiyanne a hug because home girl mad at the world! She should be boxing with Lil’Mo’s husband because she stays ready to throw her paws! Hennessy, okay first why? The first show, it was cold lol and you had your cheeks lol but your style is beautiful. I don’t know who acts like who but I guess I can say you and Cardi are identical… Hmmmm that’s all I have. I love to see Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, she doesn’t have to say a word and I’ll tune in lol.

Overall it’s a “Yay and Nay” for me Mona

Inside Queen V’s thoughts on the Super Bowl Performance

So, Justin started his performance with the song him and Janet performed with the accidental “Boob” exposure. The sounding was not good and I was not here for Justin’s choice of wardrobe. It was like Hunting/Cowboy/Sneak gear. It was literally all over the place and who ever okay this, needs to be fired like today. The Prince tribute looked like it saved but not really, because Prince was against that type of tribute.

It's a “NAY” for me

Love and Hip Hop Miami

Love and Hip Hop Miami

Love and Hip Hop Miami is a “Nay” for me. I am a fan of Mona Scott but this city isn’t doing it for me. On the plus side of things, it makes New York look great. Let me run down the Cast Members I am not here for: Starting with Trick Daddy; I can’t take him serious on this show. His makeup to his break up is not hitting it for me. Yes, I said makeup…Trick Daddy stay looking Casket ready during his one on one’s. Trina is just there, I need more. I am not here for JoJo Zarur bragging about being a millionaire. If she is a millionaire, why is she on Love and Hip Hop. Because everyone on this show is chasing a check. IJS! Prince is gay, point blank period and there’s nothing wrong with that but I need him to show his true colors. I am sure I am not the only one that witness him attempt to want to fight his girlfriend, when she kicked him out? He turned into a straight girl. He is so tired. Here for Gunplay however, I am not here for his girlfriend Keyara. When do you say “No” to butt injections and why is she playing this flirting role with Tip drill. Malik and JT…Ah why am I not on Love and Hip hop sheesh. Veronica and Steph FAKE! Pleasure P is trying way too Hard for Love and hip Hop Fame. Everyone can’t be a Stevie J and the fact that he was matched with Shay, blows my mind. Shay hair needs to stop, I dislike the full lace bun look, not appealing. Gabby is there, to be seen…Bye girl. I do love Pretty Ricky, my favorite song is “Hotline”. I feel like this may mess up their legacy, IJS.

Who I am here for: Amara La Nera is so far my favorite! I love her energy and her loyalty to her culture. Her fro is beautiful! Bobby Lytes is a pleasant face to see. This young man spirit seems so vibrant. His face is always beat for the GODS!!! I am so upset JT played him, like I felt like I wanted to fight JT for this. Young Hollywood seems misunderstood for me. I understood his point but also understood how he came off. I honestly don’t feel he meant any harm.

I don’t know Mona, so far I am not 100% sold

The Chi

The Chi on Showtime is a “Yay” for me! Reality TV booming, it’s a great feeling finding a show you love. The show is based in Chicago. I’ve always been a fan of The Wire and upset when the show went off air, I must say this is the next best thing. The Chi is showing you the consequences you have when making wrong decisions. For example, A boy was murdered by a grieving father because his son was killed, he went after him because he was seen over his dead body. The boy decided to take the sneaks and chain because he was dead. (consequences) So the father assumed he was the one who murdered his son. The show is dope and a must see! The actors and actress they picked are doing a great job. Stars such as, Jason Mitchell is one of the actors. If you don’t remember him, he played Eazy-E in N. W. A. Actress Sonja Sohn is Jason’s mother on The Chi. If you don’t remember her, she was on The Wire.

If you haven’t seen it, go on demand now!


Female Hip Hop Artist is out here releasing some good music besides the challenges of some industry haters. Remy Ma came strong with a Diss track to Nicki Minaj called “Shether”. Her lyrics came super strong “Talkin' about bringin' knives to a fight with guns When the only shot you ever took was in your buns And I saw Meek at All-Star, he told me you’re a$$ dropped” Which was the highlight of 2017 rap war! She murdered this but the receiving party had it shut down. In this music industry, I’ve always felt like Brown Skin Divas were low balled. Meaning they don’t receive the same shine as someone with lighter skin. Remy Ma came up with this song Pretty Brown Ft Chris Brown, showing us Brown Skin is also beautiful! Embrace your Beauty of all Shades not just one! This track is a Yay for me! I love everything about this song. My top five Playlist

Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves is a Yay for me! I received different feedback on the movie. I think the movie was great but of course I wanted more. My wanting more isn’t because I felt like they were lacking in areas but because I enjoyed it so much. I think is amazing to see when a child follows in his Dads Foot steps (O’Shea Jackson, JR). Donnie was played by O’Shea, The beginning of the movie….I felt like Donnie was snitch or undercover cop but never registered he was the Master Mind behind the big robbery. That ending really surprised me. If you love “Eye Candy” You will love seeing Pablo Schreiber (Merrimen) in this movie, from the boy to his gutter attitude was everything and worth seeing. 50 Cent (Levi Enson) was also in the film; a lot of people are saying they wanted more from 50 cent and he replied on Social Media, asking his fans “What more do you want from me” In his Tyrese voice. His role wasn’t major, but he was throughout the whole film, playing Nerrimen right hand man. I think the part with his daughter was cute, it reminded me of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on Bad Boy’s. I think 50 Cent does amazing with his acting skills. The officers were also good but I was expecting some type of closure with Nick Flanagan, (Producer Gerard Butler) and his wife.  The whole cast did an amazing job! If you love action and bank robbing movies, this is a must see.


A lot of people may not "Bang With the Migo's" but honey when i tell you this Album is the truth...It's the truth! This is a must buy.  Every morning I play "Stir Fry" 

The Assassination Gianni Versace TV Series

So this TV show is a Nay for me so far! I am completely lost when watching the show. It's all over the place!  The one thing i can say i love: they did a great job with the cast.  They all resemble their character  

CW Black Lightning

CW Black Lightning is based on a Super Hero from DC Comics. CW turned it into a TV Series and Actor Cress Williams plays the Super Hero.  So far this is a "Queen Vee Must See", so a Yay! I am all about action and family. Besides the Action in the show, it gives you drama and a message at the same time. Not to mention Cress look "Good" playing this role. If you haven't seen the show, check it out.  Queen v promise you will love everything about it. ​

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